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Ricoh semiconductor

In our core Imaging and Solutions, Industrial Products, and Other business cate gories, we offer innovative approaches and solutions based on our values to accommodate .advanced contemporary information requirements.We manufacture and market thermal media, as well as optical equipment, semiconductors, electrical components, and measuring equipment.We have created a broad product lineup to enhance customer productivity, centering on digital multifunctional and standalone printers and other office imaging equipment. Complementing this hardware are software and consumables and customer solutions that include assistance for constructing information technology environments and managing networks, maintenance services, and user support.Ricoh offers the semiconductor product with the feature of power and battery management IC based on CMOS analog technology.
Manufacturing  Service

Manufacturing Service

 Ricoh  Manufacturing  Service     Analog CMOS Process and Manufa
Multiple-PMU, White LED Driver

Multiple-PMU, White LED Driver

Ricoh   Multiple-PMU, White LED Driver
PC   interface

PC interface

PC   interface   Offering a variety of PC Interface LSIs for various Media Cards &n
Power Management   ICs

Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs (PMICs) are integrated circuits (or a system block in a system-on-a-chip device
Real  Time  Clock   ICs

Real Time Clock ICs

High Quality Low Power consumption Real Time Clock ICs
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