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Fast Recovery Diodes

Fast Recovery Diodes are two-terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance; it has low (ideally zero) resistance to current in one direction, and high (ideally infinite) resistance in the other. A semiconductor diode, the most common type today, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material with a pn junction connected to two electrical terminals.[5] A vacuum tube diode has two electrodes, a plate (anode) and a heated cathode. Semiconductor diodes were the first semiconductor electronic devices. The discovery of crystals' rectifying abilities was made by German physicist Ferdinand Braun in 1874. The first semiconductor diodes, called cat's whisker diodes, developed around 1906, were made of mineral crystals such as galena. Today, most diodes are made of silicon, but other semiconductors such as selenium or germanium are sometimes used.
Capsule Types

Capsule Types

Fast Recovery Diodes are an essential partner to all fast switching devices. Our soft recovery diode
Capsule Types

Capsule Types

These parts are particularly suitable where soft recovery is required, such as RCD snubbers, voltage
Stud Types

Stud Types

Fast Recovery Diodes are an essential complement to any switching device and are more often than not
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