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A Semiconductors Expert Witness? You Need To Know It

A Semiconductors Expert Witness? You Need To Know It
Semiconductor technology has one of the biggest impacts in the modern world. Almost all our electrical devices, gadgets, and instruments are built using semiconductors, or materials that are good conductors of electricity. Without semiconductors, we would not be enjoying the Internet, computers, mobile phones, and home appliances.
Just like any industry, the semiconductor sector is not without legal cases and disputes. These cases may spring from issues related to intellectual property rights, patent, product liability, and trade secret theft cases. And just like legal cases in other industries, these disputes need expert witnesses to help come up with a good settlement. These experts are generally called "semiconductors experts."
Each of these witnesses has their own area of expertise. And some of these areas include the following: production or manufacture of semiconductors, research and development of microprocessors, packaging, and design.
As previously mentioned, there are different fields or areas that semiconductors experts may choose to be an expert in. So to make sure that you pick the right expert, choose the one whose expertise is closely related to the case you're involved in. Here is a list of the common services that you can expect from a semiconductors experts.
1. Consulting and case evaluation services
Some of these expert witnesses prefer to provide their expert opinion by timed consultation sessions. You or your legal representative may set an appointment with them to seek for their advice regarding the technical issues of your case. For instance, if you want expert opinion on analog technology, you can get in touch with a professor or an engineer with years of experience in the field.
2. Deposition and trial testimony
Many semiconductors expert witnesses are experienced in testifying before a judge or jury. If necessary for your case, find someone who can confidently testify and handle legal proceedings. Experienced expert witnesses take the initiative, and they are very much aware of the do's and don'ts when in court.
3. Report writing services
Some people can express themselves well in spoken language, while others prefer to be expressive in writing. You may have to hire another semiconductors expert witness to prepare an expert report because of several reasons. For instance, when the other (testifying) expert of your choice is not too skillful in technical writing, you may have to provide a neatly written document or report to be submitted to the court.

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